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IoT changing the world

Internet of Things (IoT) changing the world

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020.

Is Internet of Things going to change our world? Think about it….

I can say for sure…

We are witnessing a new age of evolution that is changing the world and digitizing everything around.


McKinsey Global Institute values the economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) at a whopping $11.1 trillion by 2025 on the high end, and nearly $4 trillion on the low-end.

“Cisco’s Internet of Things Group (IoTG) predicts there will be over 50 billion connected devices by 2020.” – Cisco


Internet of Things (IoT) and World around

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world beyond imaginations. IoT is turning out to be the next Internet wave for the digital world.

Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things Horizontal

The internet became an industry in itself, a life defining innovation for the entire globe. The same or much more is being witnessed when everything in the world (imagine any object…cars, computers, coffee mugs, cereal boxes, chairs, even cows etc.) are part of huge global network… connected to each other and interacting to each other.

Let’s explore some practical use cases impacting the way we work.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

We can control the traffic light system of a city by a computer that is constantly monitoring every bicycle, car and bus, to ensure that traffic flows more efficiently. Everyone gets where they’re going faster and road rage is reduced. Advising real time to take diversion as necessary to avoid traffic congestion and optimizing time to reach destination.


Professional Effectiveness

ProfessionalSuppose you have a meeting scheduled in your outlook calendar for 11:00 am at a venue 5 kms from your place, your alarm will be automatically set in the morning considering the distance. Your car will automatically route the way and if there is heavy traffic it will send a text to the stakeholders telling about the delay in meeting due to heavy traffic.

Environment Friendly

EnvironmentEnergy consumption can be optimized. Take a simple use case, say, a washing machine connected to the Internet of Things. You could load this with your clothes and liquid, then leave it to your energy provider to remotely turn it on at the time of day when the grid is experiencing its lowest load.


Smart thermostats like the Nest use sensors, real-time weather forecasts, and the actual activity in your home during the day to reduce your monthly energy usage by up to 30%, keeping you more comfortable, and offering to save you money on your utility bills.


Augmented Reality

AugmentationThe Internet of Things would also make augmented reality apps more accurate. Mobile AR is currently working at a small fraction of its potential, and relies mainly on GPS and data which is not 100 percent reliable. With the IoT, location-aware objects and even people would be clearly marked and tagged.


You can easily spot the problems at a particular stretch (location aware spots) of an underlying cable, drainage section, pipeline etc.


Health & Family

HealthAn infant monitor provides the parents with real-time information about their baby’s breathing, skin temperature, body position, and activity level on their smartphones.

A device in your pocket can automatically monitor your movements, location, and workouts throughout the day to track your activity level.

Using a wearable alarm button and other discrete wireless sensors placed around the home, the system can track your loved one’s daily routine and give you peace of mind for their safety by alerting you to any serious disruptions detected in their normal schedule.


Lost and Found

Lost FoundYou can easily track down those lost keys, cell phone, fruit/vegetable caret in your house or warehouse. Even you can track movement of inventory, job machine at shop floor to gain efficiency.


Waste Management

Waste Management


Cellular communication enabled Smart Belly trash use real-time data collection and alerts municipal services when a bin needs to be emptied. City council can plan routine visit to the bins that need to be emptied.


Light your streets

Street Lights

Smart lighting system allows a city to intelligently provide the right level of lighting needed by time of day, season, and weather conditions.

Even streetlights can alert the authorities that they need fix (not working for some reason) or need replacement.


Industry Productivity

Industry ProductivitySensors installed inside equipment will monitor if any parts have exceeded their designed thresholds, and will automatically send reports to owners and manufacturers if they have.

Wireless sensors embedded within concrete foundation piles to ensure the quality and integrity of a structure.

An electronic system that notifies authorities when a fire extinguisher is blocked, missing from its designated location or when its pressure falls below safe operating levels.



A great quote by Jim Tully, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner:

“The digital shift instigated by the Nexus of Forces (cloud, mobile, social and information), and boosted by IoT, threatens many existing businesses. They have no choice but to pursue IoT, like they’ve done with the consumerization of IT.”


The journey is going to have it’s challenges but it is worth taking for the world evolution and quality of life.


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