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Brief notes / Summary on Google I/O 2015

Brief notes / Summary on Google I/O 2015

Dear friends.. I just watched the full video on Google I/O 2015 and I filled with joy with what I saw, hear on what is coming next. I took note from the watch and want to share those notes with all of you.


It started with the fact that out of 10 smart phone 8 are android based. There are so many
things/capabilities/initiative around android that is changing the world i.e.

Android Auto – 35 car manufacturer adopting and bringing a great user experience to car owners.

Android TV – Chromecast devices, HBONow

Android M Developer Preview (Official release Q3 2015):
Focus is on Quality and improving Core user experience. Highlighted 6 key features:
– App permissions (simplifying permissions, when u start using app not when u install, modify/revoke permissions)
– Web Experience (Chrome custom tab)
– App Links ( directly in to application without any intermediate step to choose the option to open link app)
– Mobile payment (android pay logo… simplicity, secure, choice)
– Finger print support (device unlock, play store purchases, fingerprints to authorize the transactions)
– Power & Charging (Doze, USB type-C)


Android Wear:
– Glancable, Actionable, Effortless, 4000+ apps for wearables
– GPS, Offline music, wi-fi
– Features like Always On, Wrist Gestures, eMoji recognizer, Launcher

– Operating System (Brillo) drived from android, minimal system requ, broad silicon support, easy to secure) Developer Preview Q3 2015

– Communication (Weave – Communication layer for interconnection / communication among brillo devices, cloud, phone. Weave a cross platform developer API) full stack Q4 2015

– User experience (any android device will detect device based on brillo and weave)


Google Now: (Now on Tap)
Google knowledge graph – Understand Context, Get answers, Help you take action

Google Photos: (Available today – Free)
– a home for all your photos and videos
– Help u organize and bring moments to life
– Make it easy to share

Project Network Optimizer (transforming impact on the user experience)
– Offline support for web sites
– Youtube offline (48 hrs)
– Maps (Being on maps – your business on map)
– Offline Maps (Later this year)

Developer offering: (Develop, Engage and Earn)

Android Studio 1.3, NDK (Native Development Kit) – Support for C/C++
Mobile Web: Polymer 1.0
COCOAPODS (All libraries)
Testing (Cloud Test Lab)
Mobile Backend (Firebase)
Google Cloud Platform (Compute,

– Google Search (App Index)
– Cloud Messaging (Topic subscription, android iOS & Chrome)
– Mobile Web
– Push Notification
– Add to Homescreen
– App Install Ads
– Universal App Campaigns (Adwords)
– Measure App Install Ads
– Google Play (Conversion Funnel, Play store listing experiments)
– Google play home page (Developer Pages) Trulia

– AdMob & Google Analytics (In app advertisement)
– AdMob Mediation (40 Ad networks)

Google Play:
– Play Games
– Personalize store
– Search in Google play
– help use find what they love and love what they find
– Family Store (Popular Characters, Empowering parents, Ad supported, browse by age, parental control)

Udacity (Online Education partner):
– Android Nanodegree (6 months course on android development)

– Mobile
– Computing experience
– Google Cardboard (immersive experience)1 million cardboard viewers
– Cardboard SDK
– Expeditions (Students, Teachers)

Google cardboard has evolved into JUMP:
– camera geometry (GOPro + JUMP)
– Assembler
– Player (YouTube + JUMP)

My notes are rough/draft form,  but I hope they were useful. For more detail.. watch

Android App – KnowledgeBlob

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