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Lean Tool: Seeing Waste

Wastes Of Software Development

Lean Tool: Seeing Waste The most popular Lean Principle is ‘Eliminate Waste’. The principle focuses on to identify and remove everything and anything that does not add value to the final product. Learning to see waste is the first step in developing breakthroughs with lean thinking.

Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development The term lean software development originated in a book by the same name, written by Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck. The book explains how the lean principles from manufacturing offer a better approach to software development. The book presents the traditional lean principles in a modified form, as well as a set […]

Lean Principles

Lean Principles

Lean Principles “LEAN IS… A mindset, or way of thinking, with a commitment to achieve a totally waste- free operation that’s focused on your customer’s success….It is achieved by simplifying and continuously improving all processes and relationships in an environment of trust, respect and full employee involvement….It is about people, simplicity, flow, visibility, partnerships and […]

Enterprise Leadership a choice?


Enterprise leadership is not a choice.. It is the way to success, growth, motivation and scale. An organization has to lead the change/transformation across the organization to make leadership a way of life. The transformation journey must democratize the leadership. The journey is full of challenges as well as achievements. One has to think beyond […]

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