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Social Media a boon or bane

Social Media a boon or bane

Dear friends I recently participated in a debate on ‘Social Media’ in my school. I was to
prepare content against ‘Social Media’ and put the point across the audience.

Social Media a boon or bane

Social Media a boon or bane

I know there are more members who are for the ‘Social Media’ including me but during my
research and study, I found that ‘Social Media’ can be a bane if one doesn’t control Social
media well. Let me share some of those thoughts with you all. Please share your feedback.

Social media helps us to contact each other very fast and also distance is not a barrier of it. but it has more disadvantages than advantages, for teenagers it is a devil…it wastes their precious time of studying and playing with their friends instead of studying they play games on social networking sites and chat with their friends.
And dear friends…it is not only all of us but our elders also do the same it is okay when
they contact their old friends but its definitely wrong when they are busy in social media
too much and are not doing their important job. This would be better if they find their
old friend’s address on facebook and then they have face to face interaction with their

Nowadays people are totally living in the virtual world. They don’t have even time to
interact with their family and friends. This reminds me the quote of the famous scientist
Albert Einstein, “I fear the day when technology will surpass human interaction and the
world will have a generation of idiots.” At that point in time, Albert Einstein was afraid
of the day when technology will be at it’s insane and humans will completely depend on it
will lose their own thinking to become bunch of idiots.

Social Media Impact

Social Media Impact

Friends on some social networking sites there are options like you are the 100th visitor, hit the iPhone and you will get it. Friends.. its all fake these are all scams and sometime may people click on it and are trapped in scams. Sometimes you may have unknown friends who maybe hackers, criminals, terrorists who can do cyber-crime from your details. For example if they have to contact their friend they will send a E-mail from your account and if the E-mail is caught then you will be suspected.

As we all know that a good health is a wealth. Dear friends… social media also affects
our health, when we are busy in social media and other stuff we become lazy, we miss on
outdoor activities, we become weak, we lose stamina. Also the harmful rays from electronic
appliances affect our eyes. Social media can also cause brain and personality disorders in
Social media is also responsible for killing the relations. People living in the same house
are even unaware that what is going on in their own house. Their contribution to their
family activities, house work is reducing with alarming pace. Social networking sites
attracts people to spend more time online and less time interacting face to face. Now a
days,children are lacking real conversation skills as they are indulged more in texting
rather than oral conversation. It can be harmful for their career also as they will not be
able to pass interviews.

In the last I would like to conclude that social media is not a devil but the extent of
its use make it devil and disastrous for human civilization. My advice to my fellow friends
is to be composed/controlled to use ‘Social Media’ and do not let ‘Social Media’ to
control you and your fate.

Thanks a lot to read and review my thoughts. Please share your views on the write-up.

  • Piyush Sharma

    Dear my friend Mayank i also participated in debate competiton and i disagree with your thoughts to social media…

    The Very First Benefit of Social Media is That It Empowers
    people to do what they want to do. It lets people to be creative it lets people
    to be productive it lets people to learn new things so in a sense social media
    is all about potential

    According To the Recent survey conducted in our country
    shows that 70% of the people are using social networking sites these days and
    about 60% of youngsters receive most of the news stories and many more
    important things through the same.

    Let me clear you my dear friends Mayank these are just some facts
    but trust me there are lots more which makes me to believe that yes social
    networking sites helps in strengthen the relationship among the citizens of our
    country. It makes our life so much easier and much more efficient. It has
    become an important part of communication culture that it can’t be taken away
    easily because we are dependent on it.

    Over 20 years the only way to had keep in touch
    much others was by send mails and phones. Now a days the majority of households
    have at least one computer and at least one smart phone devices. This has
    allowed us to stay in touch with relatives finding old friends to whom which we
    lost contact with us. Now a days social
    media plays an important role in Student life there are countless of social networking
    sites that have created broad connections among Students not only this Students
    are now being more well informed about social and national news through media
    only. Social networking sites are boon to society.

    Many top companies directly approach candidates through
    social networking sites and offer jobs. Internet social networking helping
    people to get married even and also it helps us to enhance our communicating
    skills if we use the technology in proper and right way we can benefit more
    from it. We should not forget that the biggest gift that mankind has got is
    technology and more so. It is the information technology has brought this world
    closer. While growth development and speed of progress have increase due to
    this a special bonding is happening between human beings and also we should not
    forget the recent news that make whole India to cry that APJ Abdul Kalam died
    on 27 July 2015 we should be able to hear the news if social networking sites
    are not there. Most of the people share their views and opinions through social
    media only. It helps in communication skill enchantment.

    At Last I want to rest my Case by Asking You Mayank Just One Thing
    that After All Benefit And Advantages of Social Networkings Sites Do You Still Think it is A a Bane. I think The Answer will be
    A Big No and it’s a Boon to Society…

    Thank You mayank And I Think your Thougts Will be Change.

  • Sambhav Kothari

    My friend you points are up to the mark and even effective you should get it published

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