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Why are Soft Skills Important

Why are Soft Skills Important

Soft skills refer to the cluster of personal traits or qualities such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to work with others, and so on. Soft skills matters a lot for an individual at workplace or otherwise…everywhere…throughout life.

A better and more holistic way to think about soft skills is that they are people skills used by you for working with two different groups of people:

First would be, you working with you. In other words, self management skills.

Second would be, you interacting and working with everyone else in the world.


Soft skills examples:

Soft Skills Tree

• Communication skills
Team skills
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Cultural sensitivity
• Client relationships
• Networking
• Anger management
• E-mail etiquette
Negotiation skills
• Behavioral traits such as time management, stress management etc.

How does exactly Soft Skills Matter?

Without soft skills, we’d have no way to share our knowledge, our technical skills and our individual work. In this context, we can almost think of soft skills as the lifeblood of organizations and of our society as a whole.

Soft skills allow us to interact and work together to accomplish common goals of all sorts. As an example, two important soft skills that one focus heavily on are the ability to have effective conversations and the ability to build meaningful, trusting relationships.

In the Knowledge Economy of today, most of the people have almost the same knowledge base. What differentiates one person from another is how well they can effectively utilise their skill and knowledge. These skills improve interaction with bosses, colleagues and clients and influence how others perceive us.

The importance of soft skills can be understood through the ways in which you work in key areas of your profession. Lets talk about few of such key areas:

As an Effective Communicator

As a manager, you are expected to play multiple roles. You might be required to convey some technical information to employees who are from administrative field. Your soft skill as a manager lies in the ability in communicating the thought process clearly to employees across the spectrum so that the task at hand gets completed successfully.

The relevance of effective communication as a soft skill can be understood from the fact that not only the performance of the employees working under your leadership
grows owing to your soft skill but your career graph too shows an upward trend.

Emergence as a Strong Leader

Strong leadership is another soft skill which you need to possess in the professional world. In case you have traits of a strong leader, the skills gets reflected in your work and style i.e. you are always passionate and bring passion at work with motivational talks with team, share the purpose with team. Your juniors look upon you in every walk of their life and by displaying true leadership skills; you help them achieve success both on personal and professional fronts.

With such elements, you might get assigned a senior leadership positions beyond your ability and with time you emerge into a great leader.

Why Soft Skills

Development of Lateral Thinking

There are opportunities and challenges at workplace at every step. Lateral thinking is key soft skill which helps you take critical decisions at challenging times and help the organization progress on professional fronts. If you have strong soft skills, lateral thinking is a natural skill which will come easily to you. Your growth professionally is also
ensured as organizations are always on the lookout for someone who can keep a cool head in challenging situations.

Become an Influencer

A distinct advantage of having strong soft skills is that you become a key influencer in the organization is a short span of time. The management is set to take a note of your problem solving abilities and will assign you challenging tasks which will bring the best in you and will also help you grow in the professional world.


To sum up, Soft skills are essential in today’s challenging professional world and in case you possess some of these, the career path will only get smooth for you.

The more of these things you see around you, the better people’s soft skills are likely to be within your organization. These all have a significant impact on the attitude a person brings to interactions with clients, customers, colleagues, supervisors, and other stakeholders. The more positive someone’s attitude is, the better that person’s relationships will be. That’s what fosters great team performance, and leads people to contribute strongly to the organization’s vision and strategy.

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