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Agile Scrum Master Role and Responsib...

Scrum Master Role and Responsibilities

Agile Scrum Master Role and Responsibilities ‘Scrum Master’ role is again (along with Product Owner) arguably the most critical role in agile product development. Scrum master owns the process definition, process execution, ‘A passionate Team on mission’ aspects to bring product backlog into real product that is bringing real value to clients, users and business.

Agile Product Owner Role and Responsi...

Product Owner Role

Agile Product Owner Role and Responsibilities ‘Product Owner’ role is arguably the most important role in agile product development. Product owner owns the product to bring it to real life make the different for clients, users and business. And the organization that succeed at implementing the product owner role effectively, reap the benefit from a […]

Think Beyond – Break the Silos


Think Beyond – Break the Silos ‘Silo’ – A limited boundary (circle/block/group based on function, skill-set, job profile etc.) perspective. The ‘Silo’ (Narrow / Inbox) perspective is killer for the expected value that can be build out of a product/solution.

Agile Adoption and ShuHaRi


Agile Adoption and ShuHaRi ShuHaRi – is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to mastery. Agile Adoption – is a journey and everyone is very keen to know the agile maturity a team is at at point in time. Shu-Ha-Ri can be used to assess different stages of Agile Adoption […]

Myths with agile metric (Sprint Veloc...


Myths with agile metric (Sprint Velocity) DEFINITION of ‘Metrics‘ Parameters or measures of quantitative assessment used for measurement, comparison or to track performance or production. In general, metrics analysis is usually associated with establishing success/failure criteria, progress indicators, and benchmarks. Metrics analysis can essential lead to provide a fair assessment towards the journey to maturity of a system/process. […]

Android App – KnowledgeBlob

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