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Scrum Values

Scrum Values

Scrum Framework consists of ceremonies/meetings, roles, principles and artifacts that helps people and organizations emerge their real process, specific and fitting to their time and context.

What compliments Scrum framework, are the core Values upon which the scrum framework is based. The values give direction to our work, our behavior and our actions at work as a scrum team.

Scrum Values

Scrum Values


“You get in life What you courage to ask for” – Oprah Winfrey

Team must have the courage to make reality visible, the courage to say ‘NO’, the courage to be open with each other.

The Scrum Master must have the courage to stand firm against stakeholders and the Product Owner when it’s right to do so.

Team needs to have the courage to commit to as much work as possible within the Sprint whilst respecting the definition of done.

The product owner should have courage to say ‘NO’ to ever increasing features in a product and must take right decision to build right product (MVP)


“If you can embrace being wrong; if you can be free of illusion;
if you can question everything; including yourself;
that’s openness.”

There should be no secrets among the team members about things related to production; the team members should be open to suggestions from the others.

The Product Owner should be open and willing to accept change and to embrace new ideas.

The Back log should be fully qualified and visible so that everyone is aware of what work is up and coming. Public boards to display upcoming work / vision / roadmap for product is as much needed as the visibility of the Scrum board, impediments, retrospective actions and velocity. Openness is in both directions (management as well as team)

Open space, flat organizational structure, intra-team communication, cross team communication are good ways to implement openness at work.

The retrospective which is often overlooked should also be fully open… with problems openly discussed!


“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” – Abraham Lincoln

Choosing Scrum / Agile is the first place, the team & ecosystem commits to the new way to working. The Scrum team commits to what they will complete (the fraction of the product backlog) each sprint (If you don’t have confidence, don’t’ say ‘Yes’).

The Team commits to doing whatever is collectively necessary in order to meet their goals. They commit to be present during team meetings i.e. daily, sprint review, retrospective, sizing meet, planning.

Product owner commits to keep the product backlog refined / upto date at any given point in time with priority order in place. Scrum master commits to keep the process in place, remove impediments, keep distractions away.

The wider organisation also commits to support the scrum team and to respect the values of Agile.


“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do” – Steve Jobs

The scrum team must focus on what is important in everything they do. This value is closely related to commitment, because focus helps to meet commitment.

The Scrum Master should remove all impediments from the Team and protect the Scrum members from external influence to keep focus on sprint backlog commitment.

The Product Owner ensure a well refined (groomed) backlog along with the big picture view to team for clarity of vision, expectations, direction that keeps product release focus. Product owner focus on getting clarity to team on sprint work so that they can focus on sustained pace of delivery.

Team should be fully be focused on delivering the work committed to in the sprints.


“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually

listening to what another has to say” -Bryant H. McGill

The scrum team believe that people are always doing the best they can do at any given moment; they respect all points of view, including those of their stakeholders

The Product Owner gets to guide/define what work gets done and in what sequence – And it’s the responsibility of the Scrum team to respect those decisions.

Similarly the Product Owner reciprocate the trust and respect to the team to decided how they will accomplish work and respect the team when they push back or if they believe the Product Owner is influencing them to over commit.

The Scrum Master enables the culture where everybody is treated as equal and all opinions are respected. The scrum team works as one team that cheers success together and embrace failures together without blaming any single person.


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