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Agile Adoption and ShuHaRi

Agile Adoption and ShuHaRi

ShuHaRi – is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to mastery.

Agile Adoption – is a journey and everyone is very keen to know the agile maturity a team is at at point in time.

Shu-Ha-Ri can be used to assess different stages of Agile Adoption for an organization or a team. Let’s explore more of it……


Shu (Stage 1) – Nascent teams (Learn the rules)

  • Get to know the process basics & team
  • Growing their rapport
  • Following / Copying the practices
  • Learning to work together
  • A collection of individuals learning their roles in defined ecosystem

Ha (Stage 2) – Proficient teams (Bend the rules)

  • Starting to question the practices that might not be working for them
  • Understanding practices, implied principles and values
  • Evolving deeper understanding of the art than pure repetitive (mimicking) practices
  • Starting to move beyond just being a collection of skilled individuals
  • Beginning to break the rules

Ri (Stage 3) – Hyper performing teams (Break/Define the rules)

  • Starting generating outcome greater than the sum of the work of individuals
  • Breaking the rules to gain value/advantage
  • Don’t follow instructions and Progress through self discovery
  • Consistently thinking and acting as unit
  • Believe in little frictions

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