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Welcome to KnowledgeBlob and thank you for your valuable time to visit us 🙂

Why KnowledgeBlob?

The website is dedicated for ‘expression of thoughts’.

I feel as a human being our mind is always working (even while sleeping :)) and one can generate lot of value/power if one can align the common thread running in the brain. If one compile & edit the aligned thread, it becomes a powerful message/information for everyone to consume and get benefit from.

Exactly that is the essence of this website. I started this to help myself and other interested members to get a channel to express thoughts to the outer world (focus better, control better and generate better write-ups). Web is a great media where we can collaborate, exchange thoughts, get feedback faster and accelerate our journey of continuous improvement. If we are able to manage our little 3-pound brain (the most powerful part of our body) a little better, I am sure we will be able to serve the society more effectively. Isn’t it so 🙂

Who am I?

About KnowledgeBlob
About KnowledgeBlob

My name is Harikrishan Verma  – The guy behind this blog site.

I’m a pupil first and then an engineer, executioner, leader, manager, coach, mentor, blogger, collaborator and a continuous learner.

I did my engineering in Production & Industrial stream from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur in Rajasthan state of India. Then I pursued Masters (Management Studies) from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (Rajasthan – India).

I have been part of the IT industry for over 15 years now and have rich experience of Agile software product development, project management, program management and client relationship management. I have excellent analytical, organizational and planning skills with leadership abilities to build high performance scalable teams..

I have extensive experience working across Global MNC centers (services & product development), evolving delivery strategies and managing schedules, resources and budgets for high quality solution and product delivery.

As Agile Coach/Mentor, I am Instrumental in running Global Agile initiatives and enabling organizations, teams in their Agile adoption.

Key Abilities:

• Agile Leadership & Transformation
• Agile Coaching & Mentoring
• Managing Organizational Changes
• Building high performing Teams

Always stay in touch..

I am very thankful to all KnowledgeBlob readers/visitors for commenting and reading, it means a lot to me!

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Thanks to entire community of enthusiasts who want to read, learn and share own experiences and learning with all.

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